CIBB is organized in 3 research lines gathering the research groups according to their research focus: The “Neuroscience and Disease” line that aims to decipher brain functioning and dysfunction in neurodegenerative, neuropsychiatric and vision disorders; the “Metabolism, Aging and Disease” line, which will study the cellular and molecular basis of metabolic dysfunction and aging and their impact on the evolution of age-associated diseases; and the “Innovative Therapies” line that will use stem cells, genes and drugs to implement new therapies for neurodegenerative, cardiovascular, oncological and infectious diseases.

These areas intersect with 2 major domains, Biomedicine and Biotechnology, and are spaces of preferential interaction and flagship projects between research groups with scientific affinity. In addition, CIBB strongly promotes transdisciplinary projects crossing in a comprehensive and cohesive manner different areas aiming at breaking down barriers between disciplines, and integrating knowledge gained from studies at molecular, cellular, organ, whole organism and patient levels. CIBB also promotes collaborative projects with other research institutions in a continuous search for excellence.

Meetings and Events

2nd CIBB Meeting

December 20, 2020
Zoom meeting

1st CIBB Meeting

December 19–20, 2019
University of Coimbra

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